Sterrenbeeld Taurus


(21 April to 21 May)

Far from being the proverbial bull in a china shop, Taurus can be a sensual dancer on the dance floor. But the challenge is to get a Taurean leader onto the dance floor in the first place. You won't see Taurus being the first, only or last person on the dance-floor. They prefer to hide in a crowd or behind a laptop in the role of the DJ. This may stem from the feelings of inadequacy resulting from being beaten out for first in line in the zodiac by Aries. But put on the right tango music and have the right company around and Taurus is ready to shine. Taurean followers aim at divinity on the dance floor. They dance to be seen and admired, so their execution of adornos and figures is usually immaculate. The couple with a traffic jam behind them at the milonga is likely to have a Taurean follower.

Tango Troesma

Osvaldo Zotto

famous Taurus
in Argentine tango

Osvaldo was born on 14 May 1963. He grew up as the youngest of an Italian middle-class family. Though he had been performing since the 1980s, Osvaldo Zotto came to the notice of the tango world when he, and his wife, Mora Godoy produced a series of tango videos teaching tango. Most of these videos are made available on YouTube. Osvaldo's marriage with Mora broke up in the 1990s and in 1997 he partnered Lorena Ermocida with whom he later produced more excellent videos. Osvaldo's smoothly linked steps are never more complicated than necessary. His chief instrument of expression is his partner. Under his guidance, she is given oceans of time to flourish the free foot and decorate as she pleases. In the late 1990s Osvaldo and Lorena were invited to join Julio Iglesias on his world tour, performing as Iglesias crooned tango songs. They stayed with this show for a number of years. Also they were part of the TangoX2 company of brother Miguel for two shows, 'Una Noche de Tango' and 'Perfumes de Tango'. Of the two famous brothers, Miguel Angel Zotto is the more vivid but Osvaldo is the more poetic. Few used to call him Osvaldo. Because for the pupils he taught he was the 'troesma' (Buenos Aires slang for 'maestro') and 'Osvaldito' for the milongueros.
Osvaldo Zotto died in Buenos Aires on 8th January 2010 of a suspected heart attack. Osvaldo was respected and loved throughout the tango world and officially recognized by UNESCO for his teaching and performance of traditional Tango.