Sterrenbeeld Aries


(21 March to 20 April)

Aries followers usually have ramlike eyebrows and Aries leaders can be recognized by their smug expression. The latter is a bit of a mystery because they constantly clunk into other dancers, especially slow couples. When Aries dances, it's always with such energy typical of this sign. Aries make good milonga dancers while they are too breezy and light-hearted to take the tango figures and adornments seriously. The asynchronous traspié rhythm is what appeals to Aries: they like to apply their own rules to dancing and often change them without discussing it. It is better not to argue with Aries about the tango etiquette, unless you want your nose ending up performing a "cambio de frente" by itself.

Sparrow of Buenos Aires

Beba Bidart

famous Aries
in Argentine tango

Blonde Beba was born on April 3th 1924 under the name Eliane René Schianni Bidart. She is known as "El Gorrión de Buenos Aires", the "sparrow" of Buenos Aires. This nickname is a reference to the status of Edith Piaf. Beba had many talents. At the age of six, she started acting. In her teens she studied classical dances. Her singing talent emerged in her early twenties when she sang with the Francisco Canaro orchestra. As a singer Beba Bidart released approximately 30 songs from which "Me bautizaron milonga" is one of the best known. She became also renowned as a dancer and actress in movies like "Los Pulpos" (1948) and later on in Argentine television series such as "Rolando Rivas, Taxista" in the early seventies. On 27 August 1994 Beba Bidart died at the age of 70.