Tango basic step (Basico con Cruzada)

The 'official' Argentine tango basic step is the short basic step supplemented by a cross step (cruzada).
The Basico con Cruzada consist of 8 steps with a duration of 8 counts.
During step 2, 3 and 4 one's torso is dissociated from the hips. This is a result of the leader leading with his torso and the continious connection between the dance partners. Drawing a line between the weight-bearing feet of follower and leader indicates the direction of both torso's facing each other.

Tango basic steps with cross step
Tango basic steps with cross step and back step
Tango basic and cross step with torso position

YouTube contains a lot of movie clips demonstrating the Argentine tango. A fine example is the next clip of the "Academia de Baile" explaining the basic step (authentic version with a back step, cruzada included).

In the second film clip the cross system is added to the basic step. A weight change step of the leader is what it takes to get a dance couple into the cross system. And a half beat pause of the leader during the followers cross makes the couple return to the normal system. Once you master this trick, it will be just a small step for you to learn the back ocho.

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