Sterrenbeeld Cancer


(22 June to 21 July)

Cancer is just like an actual crab (a soppy creature) because Cancer loves to cry over sad movies and songs. No wonder Cancer is addicted to the melancholy sound of Argentine tango music. As a water-sign, Cancer naturally goes 'with the flow'. When both leader and follower are Cancer you will see them smoothly float along the waves of any piece of tango music whether it's up-beat milonga, swaying vals, traditional tango or a serene neo-tango.

Tango singer

Carlos Varela

famous Cancer
in Argentine tango

Carlos Alberto Varela was born on 16 July 1909 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores. He grew up with four brothers and five sisters. Without finishing high school he started working in a shop to be independent. Around 1929 Varela was able to devote himself to professional singing. His singing career lasted well into the 1950's. However, most of his recordings date from the 1930's. Well-known is "Cero a cero", a tango Carlos Varela recorded with Roberto Firpo in 1935. "Cero a cero" is frequently aired in soccer stadiums before the beginning of the match. During his career he worked with many musicians and singers in many different settings, performing on stage as well as appearing on live radio station broadcasts. Carlos Varela also starred in a movie called "Dancing" directed by Luis Moglia Barth in 1933. In this film he sings "Desde pebeta". In the early 1960's Varela moved to Rosario (300 km north west to Buenos Aires) to become a transportation entrepreneur until the time of his retirement. He died on 21 December 1996.