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For those who just developed a 'taste' for tango: Taste4Tango provides an introduction to the basic steps of the Argentine tango.

Argentine tango is an improvisational dance that arises from the unique connection between two dancers. Argentine tango can vary between passionate playfulness, temporary stillness and explosive expression. Key elements are the right posture, mutual contact and movement according to the music.

Clarity on the part of the leader is expected as well as sensitivity and alertness on the part of the follower. The leader guides his partner while constantly offsetting the accompanying music to the available space on the dance floor. He gives directions with his chest, arms and right hand. Often a follower can be seen dancing with eyes closed. It increases sensitivity.

When you go dancing at a milonga, you will find yourself in a playground of subtle seduction and total surrender to dancers with whom you may have exchanged not a single word.