Half moon (Media luna)

To achieve this figure the man leads the lady from a backward ocho, via a side step to a forward ocho. This sequence creates the shape of a half moon. Hence the name. Although you may encounter this figure by other names like Half Giro. But let's stick to Media Luna.
During the sequence the leader pivots 180 degrees to the right on both feet simultaniously. While pivots are typically performed by the follower the Media Luna is one of the few occasions where the leader performs a major pivot. The step pattern diagram below shows the essence of the Media Luna: just six steps after which follower and leader are standing opposite to eachother again.

Tango Half Moon follower
Tango Half Moon leader

The following video clips show some variations of the Media Luna. Differences are in the footwork of the leader and the adornments of the follower as well as the sequence preceding the six Media Luna steps. In the last clip you will see the lady dancing counterclockwise instead of clockwise.

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