How to find a dance partner?

The person with who you want to learn Argentine tango most likely will be your significant other. If such person is not available, there are a number of ways to find a dance partner. An easy but expensive option is a private tutor. For group lessons your local dance school will often provide mediation for prospective students. In case you like take initiative yourself, you can search the Internet: facebook groups or specific dance partner sites. And of course it's always an option to visit a milonga to meet people who are looking for a dance partner as well.

Twelve different types of dance partners!

Based on astrological insights, characteristics of each of the twelve zodiac signs can be related to Argentine tango. For centuries astrologers have investigated the role of the planets in the shaping process of human characters. They have developed a set of calculation methods to demonstrate that astrology can provide insights into the personality and character of a person. One's character is reflected in many things, the way you organize your home, your choice for your profession, and also the way you dance. Select a zodiac sign and read more about the specific dancing characteristics (occasionally with a bit of a wink). Featured as well along with each zodiac sign is a biography on a well-known person from the world of Argentine tango.

Aries starsign Aries
21 March -
20 April

Taurus starsign Taurus
21 April -
21 May

Gemini starsign Gemini
22 May -
21 June

Cancer starsign Cancer
22 June -
21 July

Leo starsign Leo
22 July -
22 August

Virgo starsign Virgo
23 August -
23 September

Libra starsign Libra
24 September -
23 October

Scorpio starsign Scorpio
24 October -
22 November

Sagittarius starsign Sagittarius
23 November -
21 December

Capricorn starsign Capricorn
22 December -
20 January

Aquarius starsign Aquarius
21 January -
18 February

Pisces starsign Pisces
19 February -
20 March